Jessica Chilton - A Destination for Ideation | Asheville Ideas Fest

Jessica Chilton

Founder of Spirited Improv

Jessica Chilton is an expressive arts therapist, conscious coach, retreat facilitator, improvisational performing artist, creative mom, and awakening soul. Through her Surrendered Visionary Coaching Program, she is passionate about supporting others to follow their heart through the transformational cocoons of life’s big transitions. Jessica has supported thousands on the precipice of a new chapter who are asking: What’s ready to die? What is Spirit calling me to do next? What vision wants to come through me into the world? Who am I now?

Jessica’s most unique gift is turning a performance on stage into a loving place to see and be seen, a platform for transformation, an experience of expanded consciousness, and an invitation into heart-opening connection. Blending her 20 years of improvisational performing arts and 16 years as therapist and coach with her lifelong spiritual awakening journey, Jessica now leads Spirited Improv—known as the most radically loving and powerfully liberating way to try improv. Spirited Improv Playshops and Performances offered at the Center for Conscious Living and Dying invite you into tender human authenticity, inspired creative expression, and fully surrendered trust.

You can learn more about Spirited Improv at, and Jessica’s Surrendered Visionary Coaching Program at