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Wilka Roig

Founder & President, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation México Centro

Wilka Roig is a transpersonal psychologist, death doula, and grief counselor devoted to the evolution of our loss, grief, and death culture. Wilka is founder and president of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation México Centro and the first Latin American training program for Life, Death, and Transition Doulas. She is co-founder of Red Latinoamericana de Acompañamiento en la Muerte y el Duelo, deputy director of education of EKR Foundation Glogbal, end-of-life doula educator and BIPOC/International advisor of INELDA, curriculum coordinator for the International Study Program of the Institute for the Study of Birth and Death, and chief clinical advisor and curriculum developer of Inner Immersion. An ardent activist in the movement to evolve our loss, grief, and end-of-life culture, Wilka facilitates support across borders for Spanish-speaking citizens and immigrants, and leads focus groups with pioneers in North, Central, and South America to develop and instate solutions.

Wilka works as compassionate companion, mentor and guide, speaker and educator. With followers from around the world, she has facilitated, online and in person, over 315 international dream circles and over 100 international Death Cafes in person and online. Wilka has taught transpersonal psychology courses to master level students, focusing on intuitive inquiry, creativity, innovation, and dreams as part of the associate core faculty for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, and undergraduate photography courses as lecturer for the Department of Art at Cornell University, where she won the Merrill Presidential Scholars Outstanding Educator Award. Wilka has worked with dreams, loss, grief, death, and after death communication and support for over 20 years. With her personal and professional experience, Wilka supports survivors of trauma, survivors of loss by suicide, people facing change and loss, those in the midst of life transitions, and those facing the process of end of life through transformative transpersonal approaches toward greater psychospiritual health and wholeness. A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Wilka lives in San Miguel de Allende, México and works around the globe.